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Live Lobbying Updates

​​Euracoal opposes EU Methane Regulation​

17 March 2023

​​In multiple articles in late February to early March, Euracoal executives have strongly opposed the European Union (EU) Methane Regulation. In a March 11th article, Euracoal Senior Vice President Vladimir Budinsky opposed the regulation, stating that the association has engaged with EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson on the issue. Similarly, in a February 26th article, Euracoal President Dr. Tomasa Rogala also opposed the regulation, stating that the mining sector will strive to raise limits relating to methane emissions for coal mining.​

American Petroleum Institute supports US methane venting and flaring rule proposal

09 December 2022

On November 28th, Politico reported that American Petroleum Institute (API) supported the US Interior Department’s proposed rule to reduce methane venting and flaring from oil and gas production on federal lands. API added that it will work with Bureau of Land Management for a final rule that is “economic” and “cost-effective”.

BusinessEurope supports increased ambition at COP27 including methane regulations

11 November 2022

In a position paper on COP27 published on 3rd November, BusinessEurope stated support for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, and advocated that other G20 nations increase their 2030 targets to close the ambition gap with the EU, suggesting that the EU should not raise its Nationally Determined Contribution unless other countries do too. It also supported the finalization of the Fit for 55 package but stressed the burdens on business and the risks of carbon leakage, advocating for a climate club based on a global carbon price floor. The position paper further stated BusinessEurope was in favor of implementing methane regulations on the fossil gas supply chain, such as performance standards.

AFPM opposes climate provisions under the Inflation Reduction Act

03 November 2022

In a blog post released on 11th August, the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) announced its opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act being considered in the House. The blog post detailed its specific opposition to climate provisions, including the electric vehicle tax credit and the methane fee.

Eurogas advocates for new EU gas infrastructure

23 June 2022

In a 14th June joint statement on EU-US LNG trade, Eurogas advocated for new LNG infrastructure in the EU and long-term LNG contracts to meet gas demand in the bloc. The group did not appear to take a position on the EU’s methane regulation, but stated it would “uphold” the policy, and supported a pragmatic approach to methane regulation in the US.

Oil and gas companies issue mixed support for the US EPA 2023 Methane Regulations

20 March 2023

A number of oil and gas companies have provided statements on the US federal government's proposed supplemental regulations for methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. Chevron, BP, Devon Energy, and Occidental Petroleum issued mixed support for the proposals, expressing both positive and negative positions positions on the regulations. Shell, meanwhile, appears to communicate a more broadly supportive position, however, it also avoids commenting on key elements of the regulations.

Gas associations advocate for weaker EU methane measures

25 November 2022

In a 21st November joint statement, Eurogas and Gas Distributors for Sustainability (GD4S) called for the EU Methane Regulation for the energy sector to weaken measures monitoring methane emissions, leak detection and repair, and thresholds for venting.

Gas associations advocate to weaken the EU Methane Regulation

25 October 2022

Industry associations Eurogas and Gas Infrastructure Europe released a 10th October joint position paper on the upcoming EU Methane Regulation. The groups advocated to weaken and reduce measures for monitoring, reporting and verifying methane emissions, and reducing the frequency of leak detection and repair requirements, alongside opposing venting and flaring proposals.

US entities engage on the Build Back Better Act

03 November 2022

In the Q2 2022 federal lobbying disclosures published on July 20th for American Gas Association and Edison Electric Institute with utilities CenterPoint, AES Corporation, American Electric Power Company, DTE Energy, Edison International, Exelon, FirstEnergy, NextEra, Pacific Gas & Electric, PPL Corporation, Public Service Enterprise Group, Southern Company, Vistra Corp, and Xcel Energy and Entergy, published on July 20th, disclosed the companies direct engagement with policymakers on the Build Back Better Act’s proposed methane fee without disclosing a clear position.

In the Q2 2022 federal lobbying disclosures for Ameren Corp and Duke Energy both utilities stated direct engagement with policymakers on the Build Back Better Act’s clean energy tax credits without disclosing any clear positions on the legislation. In the same disclosure, Duke also listed engagement activities on the “natural gas provisions” of the Build Back Better Act without providing any description of its position. In Consolidated Edison’s federal lobbying report for Q2 2022, published on July 20th, the utility stated direct engagement on the electric vehicle provisions of the Build Back Better Act without disclosing a clear position. The reports highlight the industry’s private engagement and lack of transparency on specific climate provisions of the reconciliation bill, which remains stalled in Congress.

These lobbying reports demonstrate strong industry engagement on the reconciliation bill, which remains stalled in negotiation following inconsistent statements from Senator Manchin.

Fortum advocates to weaken the EU's proposed methane regulations

07 October 2022

In an April 2022 position paper on the EU’s Methane Rules for the energy sector, Fortum supported the legislation with exceptions. These included advocating for compensation or incentives for methane emissions reductions, reducing the frequency of Leak Detection and Repair checks, and appeared to be unsupportive of the routine venting and flaring ban.

​​Oil and gas entities oppose US EPA 2023 Methane Regulations

20 March 2023

​​Several oil and gas entities opposed the US federal government’s proposed supplemental regulations for methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. Comments submitted by ExxonMobil and Coterra Energy appear unsupportive of the proposal. Similarly, submissions made by industry associations such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), American Gas Association (AGA), American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC), Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), and the US Chamber of Commerce have opposed key elements of the proposal.

BP supports US Environmental Protection Agency's 2022 Methane Regulations

25 November 2022

In a 20th November Financial Times article, BP’s head of US business stated support for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2022 Methane Regulations, and emphasized the need to stop flaring.

API supports new oil and gas lease sales and oppose tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act

03 November 2022

Communications from the American Petroleum Institute (API) between August 6th and August 12th, 2022 commented on various provisions of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). API President and CEO, Mike Sommers, welcomed parts of the IRA that proposed new oil and gas lease sales and carbon capture and storage (CCS) investments in a press release. Sommers also opposed the proposed tax on crude oil and fossil gas, citing that it imposes additional costs to the industry, and went on to suggest the need for a “comprehensive plan” for critical investment in oil and gas infrastructure. Further, an August 9th blog post released by API opposed the consumer tax credit extension for electric vehicle purchases set in the IRA, suggesting that this provision would “pick winners and losers” and was not technology neutral. In this post, API also opposed the tax on methane emissions.

API advocates for removal of oil and gas leasing restrictions

03 November 2022

On July 6th 2022, the Vice President of Upstream Policy at the American Petroleum Institute (API), Kevin O’Scannlain, wrote an op-ed in Real Clear Energy advocating for the removal of restrictions on oil and gas leasing in US federal lands and waters. O’Scannlain also called for a “robust” 5-year leasing program in the Outer Continental Shelf. The article also opposed the US Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of methane in the Permian Basin, calling it “unproductive” and “burdensome”, and went on to use this argument to support the expansion of Section 45Q tax credits for the development of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

Eurogas opposes inclusion of gas imports in the EU's Methane Regulation

04 October 2022

In a February 2022 Euractiv article, Eurogas president Didier Holleaux appeared to support the EU’s Methane Rules for the energy sector with major exceptions, including advocating against measures on gas imports by highlighting gas supply concerns.


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