Policy Tracker: Explore Our Data

The LobbyMap platform tracks and analyzes the climate policy engagement of over 500 companies and 200 industry associations on a continuous basis, amassing over 76,000 items of evidence as part of this analysis. This includes over 500 evidence items of direct engagement with methane policies around the world.

The Policy Trackers aggregate and summarize lobbying trends for individual methane policies in real time. The Trackers can also be used to investigate the likely impact this lobbying has brought about on the policy and explore the most engaged companies and industry associations on each policy.

The Methane Policy Platform contains Policy Trackers from countries and regions with active methane policy and can be accessed from the drop-down options below.

InfluenceMap will expand its regional coverage of corporate engagement as new methane policies are developed globally, including in the global south.

Countries with upcoming methane policies include Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, and Nigeria.


opposing not supporting mixed/unclear supporting strongly supporting